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  • Junos has a built in feature to execute scripts on a schedule called event automation. You create either a time of day or time interval trigger and then run the script when it occurs. event-options generate-event { testEvent time-of-day "10:42:00 ...

  • How do I make my crontab additions persist across reboots. Should I updating the crontab.sys file as well? ------------------------------ James Ronald ------------------------------

  • Hello all, Hope you have a great day. Do you know any similar solution in Juniper qfx? Troubleshoot Duplicate IP Address Error Messages - Cisco Windows server ip conflict with Juniper switch. Cisco vendor has a solution to use " no ip ...

  • As an update - we tried pulling al the 'ge' interfaces out of the config on both sides, and also added the link-speed 10g in the aggregated-ether-options, but the link is still running at 1GbE performance. A show lacp command showed 40Gbps on the link ...

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    RE: Ex4300 fpc0 HEAP malloc(0) detected!

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain anonymous FYI...just saw this on my EX4300 when updating from 21.4R2-S2 to 21.4R3-S1



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