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  • Hello I am working on a virtual chassis of 2 x EX4600. Versions tested : - Junos 18.4 - Junos 20.4R3S2 - Junos 21.2R3S2.9 (latest test) IPv4 is configured on vme.0 and working fine. IPv6 is configured on vme.0, the switch can ping itself, the routing ...

  • Hello Everyone, We have some QFX 5100 that need Rack mounts and blades . Is there a dealer that anyone can recommend ? I have been searching for sometime and they seem to be reather expensive even if we are buying in bulk. I appreacite anyones response. ...

  • Hi . Here is the DHCP server config for ELS platforms as Ex4200. Hope this helps you. [EOE/EOL] How to configure the Legacy EX-series switch as a DHCP server (juniper.net) The following steps are used to configure the EX-Series switch as a ...

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    Extended DHCP Server Config

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain anonymous Hello, I'm having some issues getting a DHCP server setup for my VLANs. I keep receiving the following error: " 'dhcp' Incompatible with 'set system services dhcp-local-server'." Here is ...

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    RE: Trunking to Cisco

    Hi, Please review KB below, and proceed to change the configuration as needed depending on switch platform. (ELS / non-ELS). ELS: https://supportportal.juniper.net/s/article/EX-QFX-Native-VLAN-behavior-on-ELS-JUNOS-OS-versions?language=en_US Non-ELS: ...



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