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    RE: Trunking to Cisco

    Hi, Please review KB below, and proceed to change the configuration as needed depending on switch platform. (ELS / non-ELS). ELS: https://supportportal.juniper.net/s/article/EX-QFX-Native-VLAN-behavior-on-ELS-JUNOS-OS-versions?language=en_US Non-ELS: ...

  • Following up, still have this issue. ------------------------------ MARK JOHNS ------------------------------

  • Thanks , spuluka I downloaded the log, can you help to check it? {linecard:1} qbsit@4200-24T-BMF01> show log messages Sep 7 09:45:01 4200-24T-BMF01 newsyslog[1471]: logfile turned over due to size>128K Sep 7 09:50:00 4200-24T-BMF01 eventd: sendto: Can't ...

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    HI all, I've got a pair of 5120s up and up, with BGP running over ISIS. BGP is up, and i've got evpn being learned on both ends. Problem is, I can't route on my VRFs using the L3VPN. My routes in each table are showing as hidden, and showing extensive ...

  • Here are the correct port configs Juniper interfaces { ge-0/0/0 { native-vlan-id 3; unit 0 { family ethernet-switching { interface-mode trunk; vlan { members [ FirstFL VLAN10 VOIP WIFI ]; Cisco interface GigabitEthernet0/2 switchport trunk native vlan ...



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