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No Internet access for SRX.

  • 1.  No Internet access for SRX.

    Posted 09-16-2021 11:22

    Hi there, I am trying to connect my SRX345 using the static public IP provided by ISP. When I connect that static IP to my laptop. I am able to ping the interface and google DNS When I connect this static IP to my SRX345 for internet connectivity. I am unable to ping the google DNS but I can ping the interface IP address that is My public IP is and the default gateway is Here is my configuration on the specific port which is used as an untrust zone for internet access.



        ge-0/0/6 {
            unit 0 {
                family inet {
    } } }

    Security Zone:

    security-zone untrust {
                screen untrust-screen;
                interfaces {
                    ge-0/0/6.0 {
                        host-inbound-traffic {
                            system-services {
                            protocols {
                            } } } } } }

    Static route:

    routing-options {
    static {
    route next-hop;

    Abdul Qurashi