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  • 1.  CGNAT on Card Service, Next-Hop Style or Interface Style?

    Posted 10-28-2021 14:31
    I'm studying Junos, so I'm grateful to anyone who helps me with small questions:

    I'm currently studying CGNAT with the MX Series. My study setting:
    - A private IP block for customers
    - a public IP block to do NAT of clients
    - each private IP has a Deterministic CGNat

    The problem:
    in the book "Juniper CGNAT at work in the MX Series" is an example of setting up Deterministic CGNAT using MS-MPC with "Interface Style".
    However, on link (Site Juniper) says that "For NAT, the next hop service set can only be applied to the VRF table. For all other services, the next hop service set can be applied to the VRF table or to inet.0".
    In other words, it says that NAT can only be used with Next-Hop Style and for that a Virtual Router is needed.

    I don't have an MX to test like configuration possibilities, also I don't know how to ADD an MS-MPC card in vLabs vMX (Please Juniper provide us with a vLab with service cards ).

    So to do Deterministic Nat do I need to make a Virtual Router or can I use "Inteface Style" to point traffic to an ms-interface?


  • 2.  RE: CGNAT on Card Service, Next-Hop Style or Interface Style?

    Posted 11-01-2021 05:47

    CGNAT on vMX is not working perfectly.