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  • 1.  Clear old alarm

    Posted 01-28-2022 09:37
    I have an old chassis alarm that I can't get to go away on a pre-provisioned virtual chassis setup.  FPC 4 was removed from the chassis and powered down, but the old alarm for it is still showing.  I've gone into a shell and manually restarted the alarmd service on the master and backup but it's still showing. Chassis running 12.3. Any idea how to clear this alarm for a virtual chassis member that was removed?

    > show chassis alarms 
    1 alarms currently active
    Alarm time               Class  Description
    2022-01-11 10:45:02 MST  Major  FPC 4 PEM 0 is not supported
    Virtual Chassis Mode: Mixed
                                               Mstr           Mixed Neighbor List
    Member ID  Status   Serial No    Model     prio  Role      Mode ID  Interface
    1 (FPC 1)  Prsnt    111111111111 ex4200-48p   0  Linecard     Y  2  vcp-0      
                                                                     5  vcp-1      
    2 (FPC 2)  Prsnt    222222222222 ex4200-48t   0  Linecard     Y  3  vcp-0      
                                                                     1  vcp-1      
    3 (FPC 3)  Prsnt    333333333333 ex4550-32f 129  Master*      Y  2  vcp-255/2/0
                                                                     5  vcp-255/2/2
                                                                     5  vcp-255/2/3
    5 (FPC 5)  Prsnt    555555555555 ex4550-32f 129  Backup       Y  1  vcp-255/2/0
                                                                     3  vcp-255/2/2
                                                                     3  vcp-255/2/3

    ZANE Z

  • 2.  RE: Clear old alarm

    Posted 01-30-2022 15:46
    Is the pre provisioned configuration for fpc 4 also removed?

    Steve Puluka BSEET - Juniper Ambassador
    IP Architect - DQE Communications Pittsburgh, PA (Metro Ethernet & ISP)