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  • 1.  'ssh' warning: daemon binary /usr/sbin/sshd not found

    Posted 12-26-2021 05:53
    Hi, community,

    I'm in the process of configuring my first MX5 router, which is not easy at all. But I have these messages doing some changes on ssh service.
    [edit system services ssh]
        warning: daemon binary /usr/sbin/sshd not found
    commit complete

    In someone's post, a responder asks for this "file list /usr/sbin/ss* detail "
    root@INT-BGP01> file list /usr/sbin/ss* detail
    lrwxr-xr-x  1 root  wheel         33 Jul 1   2013 /usr/sbin/ssd@ -> /packages/mnt/jroute/usr/sbin/ssd
    total 1

    I also see on this When installing the Junos Worldwide version the SSH daemon is not available

    -> my scenario

    root@INT-BGP01> show version
    Hostname: INT-BGP01
    Model: mx5-t
    JUNOS Base OS boot [12.1R5.5]
    JUNOS Base OS Software Suite [12.1R5.5]
    JUNOS Kernel Software Suite [12.1R5.5]
    JUNOS Packet Forwarding Engine Support (MX80) [12.1R5.5]
    JUNOS Online Documentation [12.1R5.5]
    JUNOS Routing Software Suite [12.1R5.5]

    Thanks for your help and Marry Christmas!

    Matias Popo

  • 2.  RE: 'ssh' warning: daemon binary /usr/sbin/sshd not found

    Posted 12-26-2021 14:40

    U should use "domestic version" instead worldwide version.


  • 3.  RE: 'ssh' warning: daemon binary /usr/sbin/sshd not found

    Posted 12-27-2021 05:56
    Hi kronicklez,

    Thanks for your answer do you may help me with this, how can I get a domestic version for my MX5?
    I apologize but I do not have any clue about it, I come from a Mikrotik environment.


    Matias Popo