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EVPN/MPLS vlan aware questions

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  • 1.  EVPN/MPLS vlan aware questions

    Posted 07-05-2021 00:57
    I have the following topology

    From CE1-, I can reach CE1-, but not CE2-
    From CE2-, I can reach CE2-, but not CE1-
    On vMX3, I have the following:
    root@vMX-LS-1# run show evpn database logical-system vMX3    
    Instance: lab-south
    VLAN  DomainId  MAC address        Active source                  Timestamp        IP address
    141             02:05:86:71:ba:07  ge-0/0/1.0                     Jul 05 03:44:10
    141             02:05:86:71:ba:13                     Jul 05 03:44:10
    141             2c:6b:f5:28:1e:f0  irb.241                        Jul 05 03:23:31
    141             2c:6b:f5:7a:b0:f0                     Jul 05 03:23:21
    142             02:05:86:71:ba:07  ge-0/0/1.0                     Jul 05 03:44:10
    142             2c:6b:f5:28:1e:f0  irb.242                        Jul 05 03:23:31
    142             2c:6b:f5:7a:b0:f0                     Jul 05 03:23:21
    143             aa:aa:aa:aa:aa:aa  irb.243                        Jul 05 03:23:31​

    It seems to me vMX3 knows how to send icmp request to vMX4, but it does not.

    root@vQFX-1# run traceroute routing-instance CE1-Red141
    traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 40 byte packets
     1 (  247.013 ms  182.222 ms  203.657 ms
     2 (  201.466 ms  197.364 ms  244.150 ms
     3 (  204.137 ms  159.373 ms  200.781 ms
     4  * * *
     5  *^C

    I do not understand the following:

    root@vMX-LS-1# run show arp no-resolve logical-system vMX3   
    MAC Address       Address         Interface         Flags
    50:00:00:04:00:08     ge-0/0/6.2               none
    2c:6b:f5:28:17:00     lt-0/0/10.3              none
    02:05:86:71:ba:07     irb.241 [ge-0/0/1.0]     permanent remote
    02:05:86:71:ba:07     irb.242 [ge-0/0/1.0]     permanent remote
    02:05:86:71:ba:13     irb.241 [.local..6]      permanent remote
    Total entries: 5

    What does .local..6 mean ?

    What have I missed here ? 

    thanks in advance !!