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How do I pickout a node from XML replies

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  • 1.  How do I pickout a node from XML replies

    Posted 12-30-2020 06:35

    I'm learning automation, I've set myself the goal of creating a Python script that will take a list of IP addresses and workout out what firewalls zones they are in. 

    ( quite frankly something that should be built into the Junos CLI !! )

    Input IPADDRESS  >> determine interface  > Determine ZONE  > Output ZONE

    What I want to do is really very simple but I'm getting buried in the detail in books, now i fear I cannot see the "wood for the trees"  as a test I have this code

    def findinterface(IPADDRESS):
    print(etree.tostring(dev.rpc.get_route_information(destination=''), encoding='unicode'))


     My question is very simple

    this is the output  how can I isolate 

    so interface=ge-0/0/0.0  something like that 

    How can I in simplest terms pick out the individual data elements I'm interested in ?

    I'm really not a programmer so after the simplest most readable solutions.   

    <route-information xmlns="" xmlns:junos="" xmlns:nc="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:netconf:base:1.0"><route-table><table-name>inet.0</table-name>
    <rt style="brief"><rt-destination></rt-destination>
    <age seconds="4375755">7w1d 15:29:15</age>

    Thanks in advance

    Simon Bingham

    Simon Bingham

  • 2.  RE: How do I pickout a node from XML replies

    Posted 12-30-2020 15:06

    I got there in the end,  this is the answer to my own question. 

    from lxml import etree
    from jnpr.junos import Device
    import jxmlease

    dev = Device(host='', user='root', password='XXXXXXX')
    from pprint import pprint

    def findinterface(IPADDRESS):
    result=(etree.tostring(dev.rpc.get_route_information(destination=IPADDRESS), encoding='unicode'))
    xml = jxmlease.parse(result)
    interface = xml['route-information']['route-table']['rt']['rt-entry']['nh']['via']


    Simon Bingham