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  • 1.  event-policy question

    Posted 04-07-2021 23:36
    set event-options policy bgp_up events rpd_bgp_neighbor_state_changed
    set event-options policy bgp_up attributes-match rpd_bgp_neighbor_state_changed.old-state matches Established
    set event-options policy bgp_up attributes-match rpd_bgp_neighbor_state_changed.peer-name matches
    set event-options policy bgp_up then change-configuration commands "activate protocols bgp group ToISP2"

    If I removed the red lines, another bgp group ToISP2 is activated. but not work with the red lines.

    The log has the following:
    Apr 7 07:32:34 Branch1 rpd[2310]: RPD_BGP_NEIGHBOR_STATE_CHANGED: BGP peer (External AS 1111) changed state from Established to Idle (event HoldTime) (instance master)

    thanks a lot !!