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  • 1.  Using PyEz to configure interface results in error: bad element: interface

    Posted 11-02-2020 23:40


    I've just begun my road to victory with python and pyez. So there might be some basic failure in my understanding on what and how this should be working.

    First out, I deployed set vlans config, no issue at all, works just fine.

    Then I've added "set interface ge-0/0/5.<XXX> vlan-id <XXX>. This just wont load. If I run it manually on the cli it works fine. 

    Here is my code snippet!


    a_device = Device(host=my_host, gather_facts=Falseuser=usrname, password=usrpasswd)
      cfg = Config(a_device)
      if set_cmds:
        for cmd in set_cmds:
          print("Debug... " + cmd)
          #cfg.load(cmd, format="set", merge=True) <-- This doesnt work.
          #Adding the cfg static, to rule out everything else.
          cfg.load("set interface ge-0/0/5 unit 122 vlan-id 122", format="set", merge=True) <-- it breaks here!
          print("Did it pass?")
          #if it passed, can i do cfg.load with more set-lines?
          #cfg.load("set interface ge-0/0/5 unit 11 vlan-id 11", format="set", merge=True)
    I can see that the commands in my "set_cmds" list is just fine if i print them. Also the set vlan works with the "set_cmds" list. So thats not the problem.
    It says "bad element" when trying to set the interface:
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "", line 150, in <module>
    jnpr_vlanarg_ssh_keys(host, buildvlancfg())
    File "", line 91, in jnpr_vlanarg_ssh_keys
    cfg.load("set interface ge-0/0/5 unit 122 vlan-id 122", format="set", merge=True)
    File "/usr/lib/python3.8/site-packages/jnpr/junos/utils/", line 579, in load
    return try_load(rpc_contents, rpc_xattrs, ignore_warning=ignore_warning)
    File "/usr/lib/python3.8/site-packages/jnpr/junos/utils/", line 496, in try_load
    raise ConfigLoadError(cmd=err.cmd, rsp=err.rsp, errs=err.errs)
    jnpr.junos.exception.ConfigLoadError: ConfigLoadError(severity: error, bad_element: interface, message: error: syntax error)
    Any ideas why?
    I've tried to find out in the docs but cant see a clear reason on this matter.
    Thanks in advance for any input!

  • 2.  Re: Using PyEz to configure interface results in error: bad element: interface
    Best Answer

    Posted 11-03-2020 00:34



    Just use the correct CLI command (as you do not have autocompletion when using the scripts) and it will work.


    Your case:   "set interface ge-0/0/5.<XXX> vlan-id <XXX>."

    Correct:  "set interfaces ge-0/0/5.<XXX> vlan-id <XXX>.






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  • 3.  Re: Using PyEz to configure interface results in error: bad element: interface

    Posted 11-04-2020 00:35

    oh god, your right, i didnt see that one, a #### typo!!


    Changes on device:

    [edit interfaces ge-0/0/5]
    + unit 122 {
    + vlan-id 122;
    + }

    Diff exists, push to device? y/n y
    Pushing configuration to device


    Thanks a lot, i was looking at all other kind of things as the source of this issue 🙂

    Now i might be able to get the first version running of my script to simplify deployment of new networks.

    optional arguments:
    -h, --help show this help message and exit
    --vid VID Enter: a numeric vlanid
    --vname VNAME Enter: DMZ<id> or LAN<id>
    --vdesc VDESC Enter: SystemX_LAN
    --devfile DEVFILE Enter: mydevicelistfile.txt (,ip1,ip2), overrides devicelist
    --devlist DEVLIST Enter:,ip1,ip2
    --fwprod FWPROD Enter interface address:
    --fwdev FWDEV Enter interface address: