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Questions on wireless range extension with an MPIM on SRX.

  • 1.  Questions on wireless range extension with an MPIM on SRX.

    Posted 07-26-2021 08:19

    I'm wondering if anyone had any luck using a generic range extender with an SRX wireless MPIM. Long story short, I'm in a situation where I have the SRX close to the ISP demarcation point but when I go across the floor, I'm consistently picking up around a -77 dB signal strength and dropped signal.  

    When I connect my Nighthawk extender to the network, it picks up the SSID and works for about an hour, and then drops all but IPv6 traffic. I cannot access anything over IPv4 -- not even the SRX router via ping. I followed the instructions on setting up the extender,  but I am wondering if there are certain config commands that I might need to run on my SRX to accept everything. I get the feeling that something somewhere is missing, but I'm not 100% sure what that is.  

    Alternatively, is this a use case for perhaps looking instead at investing in a Juniper AP? And if so, would the AP be able to tie into the existing SRX MPIM infrastructure, or would I need to replace the MPIM with Mist and run? 

    Though I touched on this in the SRX forum post from a couple of days ago, I did a little more experimenting and continued to run into blocks. I thought I'd reach out here as this is an issue I'm really trying to solve rather quickly and I seem to be stumped. Any advice/thoughts would be greatly appreciated!