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OSPF filtering excessive addresses from lo0.0

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  • 1.  OSPF filtering excessive addresses from lo0.0

    Posted 10-28-2021 11:03

    My loopback interface has many IP addresses because it is BRAS.
    I want to use OSPF for PWHT on MX router. in case I add my lo0.0 address all IP addresses are announced to neighbors but I need only one.
    Can you please tell what the correct method of solving such problem:
    1. Do need redistribute only one route into OSPF (and don't add interface lo0.0 to OSPF)?
    2. Maybe I should create second lo0.1 in another routing instance and somehow terminate my client in inet.0 routing table?
    3. Or I should simply use import filter?

  • 2.  RE: OSPF filtering excessive addresses from lo0.0

    Posted 10-28-2021 14:31

    1. Remove interface lo0.0 from ospf interface and add IP which we need to advertise

    area {
        inactive: interface lo0.0;