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  • 1.  RSVP Neighbor down but RSVP Session is UP

    Posted 03-22-2022 09:49
    I'm running RSVP between vMX and Huawei Router NE80. After I configure, the result show "RSVP Neighbor down but RSVP Session is UP"
    and my MPLS LSP is already up. Is it possible in this case?  Do you have any idea on this.

    vMX# run show rsvp neighbor
    RSVP neighbor: 6 learned
    Address Idle Up/Dn LastChange HelloInt HelloTx/Rx MsgRcvd 0 6/5 21:04:26 9 14807/14812 926 20:05 0/0 20:06 9 57436/0 0 15:44:28 0/0 5d 23:10:17 9 57269/0 0 20:25 2/2 5:41:33 9 57710/53059 28928 0 1/0 5d 23:09:15 9 57274/57262 11458 0 3/2 19:12 9 59068/2258 10332

    [edit protocols rsvp]
    vMX# run show rsvp session
    Ingress RSVP: 3 sessions
    To From State Rt Style Labelin Labelout LSPname Up 0 1 FF - 48177 r4-r1 Up 0 1 FF - 3 r3-r4 Up 0 1 FF - 3 r4-rr
    Total 3 displayed, Up 3, Down 0

    vMX# run show mpls lsp detail
    Ingress LSP: 3 sessions
    From:, State: Up, ActiveRoute: 0, LSPname: r3-r4
    ActivePath: (primary)
    FastReroute desired
    LSPtype: Static Configured, Penultimate hop popping
    LoadBalance: Random
    Encoding type: Packet, Switching type: Packet, GPID: IPv4
    LSP Self-ping Status : Enabled
    *Primary State: Up
    Priorities: 7 0
    OptimizeTimer: 120
    SmartOptimizeTimer: 180
    Flap Count: 2
    MBB Count: 2
    Reoptimization in 23 second(s).
    Computed ERO (S [L] denotes strict [loose] hops): (CSPF metric: 10) S
    Received RRO (ProtectionFlag 1=Available 2=InUse 4=B/W 8=Node 10=SoftPreempt 20=Node-ID): Label=3) Label=3)

    Thank in advance

  • 2.  RE: RSVP Neighbor down but RSVP Session is UP

    Posted 03-23-2022 15:19

    Can you share a topology, that would help us to understand the path of this LSP, but if i have to guess there is an incompatibility with your Huawei.



  • 3.  RE: RSVP Neighbor down but RSVP Session is UP

    Posted 03-24-2022 09:38

    Hi Gabbriel,
                _____________ N9K__________
               |                                                          |
    MX10008                                          VMX


    Here's diagram
    MX10008 is, N9k is, NE40 is and vMX is

    This problem happens between NE40 and MX and VMX (both side)
    Underlay is ISIS and all adjacency come up. 


    Wipawee Paiboonsematus

  • 4.  RE: RSVP Neighbor down but RSVP Session is UP

    Posted 03-24-2022 11:19

    thanks for the info, but based on your latest message, your neighbors are up but using the loopback address, can you share "show rsvp neighbor detail"



  • 5.  RE: RSVP Neighbor down but RSVP Session is UP

    Posted 03-29-2022 03:20
    Sorry for late reply.

    Address: status: Down (Node neighbor)
    Last changed time: 2:08:05, Idle: 2:08:05 sec, Up cnt: 0, Down cnt: 0
    Message received: 0
    Hello: sent 854, received: 0, interval: 9 sec
    Remote instance: 0x0, Local instance: 0x7b6e9d37
    Refresh reduction: not operational
    Remote end: disabled, Ack-extension: disabled
    Enhanced FRR: Disabled

    It seems no receive hello packet from Huawei side.
    but I already configured rsvp hello on Huawei Router by using "mpls rsvp-te hello"

    Wipawee Paiboonsematus