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  • 1.  segment routing

    Posted 04-08-2022 05:50
    Hi guys

    i work at service provider and recently we changed all the routers in the isis domain from ldp tunneling over rsvp to segment routing domain end to end 
    i have square of two routers abroad and two routers localy in israel  lets call them r1.edge and r2.edge and r1.local r2.local
    i am looking for a way to load balance the traffic (it is un equal cost of course because each router located abroad needs to sent bgp l3vpn traffic directly 
    and through his neighbour located abroad to the second link (for example r1.edge send traffic to r1.local and r2.local through r2.edge)
    it is working if i am using spring lsp but only if the originator is the r1/r2.local
    if the traffic is destined to other pe that located behind the r1/2.local it is not using the lsp and i need to built another lsp directly to the specific pe
    there is no sense for doing 200 lsp's right ?
    is there some other way to tunnel all bgp l3vpn traffic through the abroad lsp's ? (we are using l3vpn on all pe's using Route reflector)
    maybe doing SR over RSVP ? I tried it also without success
    if there is solution for that please provide config example for how to do it , i couldn't find any 
    my email is :