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VC between QFX5100-48S and QFX5110-48S ? Any caution or specific commands needed ?

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  • 1.  VC between QFX5100-48S and QFX5110-48S ? Any caution or specific commands needed ?

    Posted 09-18-2021 20:07
    Need to establish VC between QFX5100-48S-6Q and QFX5110-48S-4C.
    Below is the "show version" for both.
    What are caution or additional steps, if needed to establsih VC between them as compared to standard VC procedure.

    root@core-1# run show version
    Hostname: swiggy-core-1
    Model: qfx5100-48s-6q
    Junos: 18.1R3.3
    JUNOS Base OS boot [18.1R3.3]
    JUNOS Base OS Software Suite [18.1R3.3]
    JUNOS Crypto Software Suite [18.1R3.3]
    JUNOS Crypto Software Suite [18.1R3.3]
    JUNOS Online Documentation [18.1R3.3]
    JUNOS Kernel Software Suite [18.1R3.3]
    JUNOS Packet Forwarding Engine Support (qfx-ex-x86-32) [18.1R3.3]
    JUNOS Routing Software Suite [18.1R3.3]
    JUNOS jsd [i386-18.1R3.3-jet-1]
    JUNOS SDN Software Suite [18.1R3.3]
    JUNOS Enterprise Software Suite [18.1R3.3]
    JUNOS Web Management Platform Package [18.1R3.3]
    JUNOS py-base-i386 [18.1R3.3]
    JUNOS py-extensions-i386 [18.1R3.3]
    JUNOS Host Software [18.1R3.3]

    root@core-2# run show version
    Hostname: swiggy-core-2
    Model: qfx5110-48s-4c
    Junos: 18.1R3.3
    JUNOS OS Kernel 64-bit [20180816.8630ec5_builder_stable_11]
    JUNOS OS libs [20180816.8630ec5_builder_stable_11]
    JUNOS OS runtime [20180816.8630ec5_builder_stable_11]
    JUNOS OS time zone information [20180816.8630ec5_builder_stable_11]
    JUNOS OS libs compat32 [20180816.8630ec5_builder_stable_11]
    JUNOS OS 32-bit compatibility [20180816.8630ec5_builder_stable_11]
    JUNOS py extensions [20180830.023824_builder_junos_181_r3]
    JUNOS py base [20180830.023824_builder_junos_181_r3]
    JUNOS OS vmguest [20180816.8630ec5_builder_stable_11]
    JUNOS OS crypto [20180816.8630ec5_builder_stable_11]
    JUNOS network stack and utilities [20180830.023824_builder_junos_181_r3]
    JUNOS libs [20180830.023824_builder_junos_181_r3]
    JUNOS libs compat32 [20180830.023824_builder_junos_181_r3]
    JUNOS runtime [20180830.023824_builder_junos_181_r3]
    JUNOS qfx runtime [20180830.023824_builder_junos_181_r3]
    JUNOS common platform support [20180830.023824_builder_junos_181_r3]
    JUNOS qfx platform support [20180830.023824_builder_junos_181_r3]
    JUNOS dcp network modules [20180830.023824_builder_junos_181_r3]
    JUNOS modules [20180830.023824_builder_junos_181_r3]
    JUNOS qfx modules [20180830.023824_builder_junos_181_r3]
    JUNOS qfx Data Plane Crypto Support [20180830.023824_builder_junos_181_r3]
    JUNOS daemons [20180830.023824_builder_junos_181_r3]
    JUNOS qfx daemons [20180830.023824_builder_junos_181_r3]
    JUNOS Services URL Filter package [20180830.023824_builder_junos_181_r3]
    JUNOS Services TLB Service PIC package [20180830.023824_builder_junos_181_r3]
    JUNOS Services Telemetry [20180830.023824_builder_junos_181_r3]
    JUNOS Services SSL [20180830.023824_builder_junos_181_r3]
    JUNOS Services SOFTWIRE [20180830.023824_builder_junos_181_r3]
    JUNOS Services Stateful Firewall [20180830.023824_builder_junos_181_r3]
    JUNOS Services RPM [20180830.023824_builder_junos_181_r3]

    Currently VC config on switch 1:

    set system commit synchronize
    set chassis redundancy graceful-switchover
    set routing-options nonstop-routing
    set protocols layer2-control nonstop-bridging

    set virtual-chassis preprovisioned
    set virtual-chassis no-split-detection
    set virtual-chassis member 0 role routing-engine
    set virtual-chassis member 0 serial-number xxxxxxxxxx
    set virtual-chassis member 1 role routing-engine
    set virtual-chassis member 1 serial-number yyyyyyyyyy