A Cyber Attack on UK PLC!

By Erdem posted 03-06-2014 05:08


Scary thought isn’t it? But it is a real danger facing the UK and its citizens and it’s taken as seriously by government agencies as conventional terrorism.


MI5 describes Cyberspace as the ‘electronic medium of digital networks used to store, modify and communicate information’. Put differently, it is a command and control centre for industrial processes and it impacts our business and personal lives on a day by day, hour by hour and minute by minute basis.


MI5 go on to define the attack landscape as Computer Network Espionage (CNE) – the stealing of information, and Computer Network Attack (CNA) – the malicious disruption or damage of the cyber infrastructure with potentially devastating consequences.


Clearly the network is a critical component. Within UK enterprises the roll out of employee collaboration services, mobile workforce and cloud-based delivery models are all exposed to cyber-attacks. That’s why Juniper is committed to delivering innovative network security can help you Know, Control and Expose your attackers.


That’s also why Juniper is supporting its partner BT in BT’s sponsorship of the 2014 Cyber Security Challenge Masterclass; the grand finale to a series of competitions that have been running for the past year. The challenge events act as a filtering process for raw talent, offering a unique opportunity to bring people that have yet to unlock their full potential into the profession of cyber-security. It’s about protecting UK Plc.


Some of the best brains in the industry from BT, Juniper Networks, the National Crime Agency (NCA) and Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) are busying themselves building what we believe will be the toughest and most challenging series of tests relating to cyber security to be run in a civilian context in the UK. Using a virtualised application environment and the most innovative cyber-security and conventional security technologies, contestants’ will be tested for their ability to rationalise security events in real time and implement strategies to defend against them. Contestants will need logical and technical skills and an understanding of how to apply them as part of a team.


I’m proud that Juniper Networks is partnering with BT in the Cyber Security Challenge Masterclass; contributing innovative security technology and expertise.



Juniper’s unique approach to securing the data center


Look out for more blogs from me as the Masterclass gets closer....