Be Ready for Cloud, 5G and IoT with Advanced Security Acceleration

By Amy James posted 08-07-2018 04:45


Now more than ever, our networks and infrastructure require security that keeps pace not only with cybercrime, but with the demands of ubiquitous streaming, a myriad of devices and accelerated cloud evolution. This explosive growth and fluid environment means that organizations need more muscle from their firewalls.


To address this trend, Juniper Networks is introducing a new services processing card (SPC3) for the SRX5400, 5600 and 5800 Next-Generation Firewalls. With up to 11x performance gains, this new card transforms the SRX5000 line of Services Gateways into one of the most powerful firewalls on the market. With the addition of the SPC3 Advanced Security Acceleration card, next-generation firewall services can run without slowdowns or interruptions. And when business needs call for additional capacity, expansion is modular, making scalability simple.


Powerful. Scalable. Extensible.

Service providers today are encountering an explosion of mobile devices, IoT connections and media traffic streaming. The SRX5000 line with SPC3 Advanced Security Acceleration is 5G ready, delivering performance and scale with capacity to spare. For maximum uptime, SPC3 cards can be added to any of the SRX5000 chassis without service interruption, assuring the highest uptime and security continuity. With SPC3 Advanced Security Acceleration, the SRX5000 line is ideal for Gi firewall, roaming firewall and security gateway use cases, assuring maximum defense.


As enterprises build out their clouds, the SRX5000 line with SPC3 is the optimal choice for defending the data center edge with next-generation firewall security features along with SSL decryption to mitigate threats hidden in encrypted traffic. For multicloud, it delivers high performance and protected connectivity with maximum session capacity. In a headquarters environment, the SRX5000 line with SPC3 can act as a multi-services gateway to support large-scale VPN hubs.


Providing customers with grow-as-you-go expandability, the SRX5000 line with SPC3 enables customers to support the scale and performance needs of today with future-proof expandability when higher performance, greater scale and/or additional security is required.


Accelerated NGFW for the Unified Cybersecurity Platform

As an integral part of Juniper’s unified cybersecurity platform, the SRX5000 line of Services Gateways with SPC3 delivers the power, scalability and extensibility needed to fully activate next-generation security features with seamless integration with malware detection, threat behavior analytics and automated policy and remediation capabilities.


SRX5400, 5600 and 5800 Next-Generation Firewalls running SPC3 are the best choices for enterprise customers and service providers that need a high-performance and scalable next-generation security solution.


Availability: SPC3 is available for pre-order now and is expected to ship later in Q3 2018.

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