“Alexa, ask SkyATP…”

By praviraj posted 08-21-2017 17:04


Technology isn’t the only thing that has advanced in recent years.  User behavior has been evolving as well. Take something as simple as getting from Point A to Point B: from printed maps to GPS-enabled smartphone maps to, in the near future, self-driving cars, we have all adopted new behaviors and adapted to new technologies that make our lives much easier and more efficient.


Similar leaps have been made with respect to monitoring and configuring network and security products. In a relatively short time, we have moved from CLIs and on-box UIs to single-pane-of-glass (SPOG) centralized management solutions, mobile apps, and end-to-end automation. So what’s next along this continuum?  One interesting concept to ponder is a voice-controlled platform such a la Amazon Alexa or Microsoft Cortana to query and configure an entire secure network. 


Imagine a Security Operation Center (SOC) driven by a combination of voice and user dashboards, or a security admin making queries or configuration changes via voice—similar to the AI platform Jarvis that Tony Stark uses to control his suit and home in the movie “Iron Man.”


I imagine the conversation would go something like this:


“SkyATP, get recent malwares.”

“SkyATP, blacklist URL”

“Policy Enforcer, remove user ‘badguy’ from the network.”


Or what about an alert system that announces alarms at critical times?


“Warning: network at 75% capacity; deploy additional resources or check for cyberattacks.”




While not yet voice-enabled, Juniper’s Sky Advanced Threat Prevention (ATP) platform quickly and accurately detects cyber threats using sophisticated technologies such as machine learning and threat deception, as well as rich threat feeds and static and dynamic (sandboxing) processing. Learn more about SkyATP here.


As with other Juniper technologies, SkyATP features a rich REST API and supports a full automation library that makes it possible to easily integrate with other technologies. Watch the video below of a POC integration between Amazon Alexa and Juniper Networks SkyATP showcasing what could be possible.




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08-22-2017 22:52

 It is a very good start on integration with Alexa. As you correctly said user behaviour is evolving and it would be a good to see AI doing the reading/configuring for you. One thing on user behaviour is, I believe, we still identify a user with their name or userID and not IP address yet ( well this might change sooner than later ) so it would be more useful to hear which users are impacted by Maleware instead of hearing the IP address.