Securing the Distributed Enterprise

By lpitt posted 09-11-2017 02:00



Today’s enterprise is complex with digital operations and data located in the cloud, at headquarters and on remote sites. Coupled with business need for always-on working and application reliability and it’s not surprising that teams often struggle under the weight of their work.


Protecting for the enterprise is also becoming more of a challenge; almost daily we hear about Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks taking sites offline, ransomware that locks up access to data and targeted attacks attempting to extort hard cash via phishing and social engineering.

 Distributed Enterprise.png



Managing and securing the complex and distributed enterprise of today requires a layered approach that is able to protect every corner of your enterprise, improving and strengthening security by turning the network itself into a detection and enforcement ecosystem. Juniper Networks has a cost-effective solution for this, helping the distributed enterprise meet new security challenges whilst controlling out-of-pocket costs and demands on resource.


This solution protects existing investments and provides simplified/centralised management on an open-services platform which is essential for both current and future security features.


Which brings us to Software Defined Networking (SDN), and critically the security element of this architecture – Software Defined Secure Networking (SDSN) where a central controller applies security settings and policies across the entire physical and virtual infrastructure using common controls and management.



SDSN provides a fully automated platform for risk prevention, identification and mitigation across all physical and virtual environments:



  • A flexible and scalable architecture, allowing you to quickly deploy secure and high-performance environments across the enterprise.
  • Optimised security with Juniper Networks high performance SRX series of Next Generation Firewalls.
  • Sky Advanced Threat Prevention providing fast detection and remediation against malware and attacks.
  • Intuitive, scalable, management tools provide actions and policies based on actionable intelligence – keeping operational cost and effort down; empower the security team to do more.

 We cannot apply yesterday’s security model on today’s network. Use an intelligent, secure, automated network as a platform for organisations to build business – provide with a single enforcement domain, integrated with intelligence from across the network.


To help customers start taking advantage of Juniper Networks SDSN, we have recently launched a promotion till the end of the year called, Secure your Business.  This promotion offers perfectly sized packaged solutions that will run a secure business in any industry from retail to government. With each package, Professional Services Jump Start is offered to help reduce time to production.  To design your network derived from the Secure your Business packages, use our online configurator at and receive a proposal and bill of materials of your newly built network.