Slipstream: A Framework for Building Loosely Coupled Single-Pane-of-Glass User Experiences

By Elevate posted 03-31-2016 15:26


You’d never mistake most network management applications for the next Facebook or Pinterest as they typically lag well behind consumer-facing websites in terms of an end-user experience.   But the consumerization of the enterprise has dramatically changed user expectations, and network management applications are having to step up to meet them.


Juniper Networks has invested heavily in revamping the way it builds its network management interfaces. A key part of that effort has been the development of a new user interface framework called Slipstream.


Slipstream is a framework for building modern, loosely coupled, single-pane-of-glass user experiences. It’s been developed from the ground up using the latest Web application technologies and user experience best practices. Slipstream is being used as the foundation for the next generation of network management products from Juniper Networks, which includes Security Director 15.2 and the Sky ATP management interface.


Security Director 15.2 Visualization of Application UsageSecurity Director 15.2 Visualization of Application Usage


The core of the framework exposes a programming model that enables the creation of loosely coupled workflows. These workflows are added dynamically to the user interface through plugins. Plugins can discover workflows provided by other plugins to dynamically create new workflows. This ability to discover and leverage workflows in a dynamic way is the key to creating a unified user experience that eliminates the need for a user to access multiple applications to perform a task.


A key component of the framework is a widget toolkit that provides the basis for consistent visual design and user interactions. This toolkit is the product of hundreds of hours of user research.


Additional framework components provide support for URL routing (which enables bookmarking and easier browser-based navigation), internationalization, publish/subscribe messaging, and integration with external search and authentication providers.


As the foundation for our next-generation of network management products, Slipstream is enabling Juniper Networks to provide modern, unified user experiences that close the gap between consumer and enterprise applications

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05-10-2016 06:46

Exhilrating to see Slipstream out in the real world.

It's truly a framework built to ease UI development.