Security ain't easy, but it can be fast.

By Elevate posted 03-12-2015 09:00


No way around it -- network security is hard work.


On one hand, you have data to protect. Financial data, intellectual property, customer records, personal data. High-value data. On the other hand, you have the people that want to steal it, or disrupt your business. These are the threats.


As long as data is valuable, there will be threats. Someone will steal it and sell it on the cyber black market.


The only thing you can control between these 2 things is the time—the faster you can block an attack, the less likely you are to suffer an attack.


That’s what we do – Juniper makes network security products that dramatically reduce the time it takes to understand what threats are there, and how to block them now.


We do this in three ways.

  • Our firewalls are the fastest in the industry. Easy to scale out and up. And super resilient.
  • Our threat intelligence platform streams up-to-the-minute threat intelligence to these firewalls, so your policies can dynamically adjust and block new threats
  • And because our security technology shares the same DNA as our switches and routers, automation across network and security services is part of the package.

So whereas security will probably always be hard work, with Juniper technology you can put time on your side.


Talk to us about SRX and our Threat Intelligence Platform. Also watch Jonathan Davidson, EVP of Juniper Development and Innovation, explain how Juniper Networks stops threats faster at the Innovation Showcase.