My First 60 Days at Juniper

By Elevate posted 04-21-2014 09:15


When I first graduated college and lived as a professional in the big city, I worked in technical support at Bay Networks. I will never forget my experience there and subsequently, Nortel. It was an amazing place with incredible people and I was happy there. Truly happy. But Nortel was going under and I needed to find a new opportunity. As I was driving home I saw an "Open House" sign at RSA Security and I applied for some jobs and ... I got one!!! Yay Me!

Six months later I moved to EMC and then VMware. I have had an amazing career and ironically, now I am back where it all started... a networking company. I work out of the office in Westford and the amount of people that I run in to from Bay and Nortel is amazing. It is almost like going back home, but better. The energy, the passion, the excitement, the drive to create and do amazing things is so alive at Juniper, I can't even explain it. What I love the best besides all those amazing things is the technology. I know without a doubt that I made the right decision to come to Juniper not only for the people but the technology... and I am just talking about the security products that have been virtualized... I haven't even touched all the other cool stuff.

60 days.jpgNow that I have been here 60 days I figured that now would be a good time to take a quick glimpse at these products. Yes, I promise to go into more detail into these products in the future but #KnowledgeIsPower and the more you know, the better we all are.







 Let's see, there is the popular and often talked about Firefly Perimeter and Firefly Host but what about


Juniper DDoS Secure

Juniper WebApp Secure

Junos Space with

     Security Director

     Network Director
     Virtual Director

Secure Analytics
Firefly Host
Firefly Perimeter

It is important to understand the "listing" of the security products that have been virtualized because at this time there has been no categorization... yet... but there certainly are products available.
This has truly been an amazing 60 days at Juniper and I am happy that I made the move. There is so much to do and company is on a path I believe in and honestly, look forward to the next 60 months #PewPew




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Nice to know that from an insider... considering a job in Juniper as a Sales Engineer. Just started browsing the portofolio...


05-06-2014 07:40

Hello, thank you for your article. I also worked with Nortel and Bay too, but here in Brazil. This time was amazing as the 2k year, a lot of good projects, the really amazing time.


At the time, Nortel began its relationship with Juniper because Accelar, Centillion, Versalar, ARN, BCM and other products could no longer be used anymore, and for this reason, I began my studies with Juniper, implementing Juniper routers in Nortel customers.


As a systems engineer, I began my analysis of JUNOS and that features and what I saw was amazing, very rich in detail and stable. Juniper provided a new concept for the engineering and design, this progress i never seen in other vendor.


I'm working with Juniper since then in a company that is Elite Partner here in Brazil and this partnership give me also good friends who have great pride in which to work.


I wish you success and i hope you can stay there more than 60 months. 🙂