Hungry for Something Other Than RSA Fare?

By Elevate posted 02-10-2014 07:00


Juniper_RSAFood_Proof2.pngLooking for some good grubbing at RSA? Here are a few recommendations to whet your appetite.


Who says San Franciscans don’t know Dixie? All I know is you don’t have to be a Southern belle to enjoy Dixie restaurant. Though their website isn’t, their grits and eggs dish is amazing. The southern comfort food is fantastic, coming from a chef who’s just a cool guy cooking what he knows best. What’s more, this place has a great location. In the park with a view of the Palace of Fine Arts, it’s where you can get away from the RSA crowds. Plus it’s near the Lucas Films offices so you might even catch a glimpse of Darth Vader. Or, not.  


Did someone say tavern? Who can resist a good tavern? I know I can’t. Park Tavern is in the cool North Beach neighborhood—so just a short cab ride from RSA. It’s a terrific drop-in bar with full menu in front. Word of warning: it can be a tough reservation to get, so plan early. Or even if you don’t score a reservation and are willing to take a chance, I highly recommend the popular Brussels sprouts chips or, even, the scallops and poulet noir. Delish.


What’s that? You’re dogs are barking? If you’re looking to stay closer to the conference venue, check out Salt House, Anchor and Hope, and Town Hall. These three hot spots are a trifecta of goodness. Though, if you pushed me on it, I’d probably choose Anchor and Hope for their amazing seafood. Go ahead. It’s FebRuaRy. Shoot some random oysters!


Additional Grub Stops for San Francisco Travelers: