What is cloud analytics engine (CAE)?

By Elevate posted 02-28-2016 22:13



What is cloud analytics engine (CAE)? 


Cloud Analytics Engine from Juniper Networks provides network data analysis to enable you to improve application performance and availability. It provides data collection, analysis, correlation, and visualization, helping you to better understand the behavior of workloads and applications across the physical and virtual infrastructure.


Cloud Analytics Engine provides an aggregated and detailed level of visibility, tying applications and the network together, and an application-centric view of network status, improving your ability to quickly roll out new applications and troubleshoot problems.


Network Director uses Cloud Analytics Engine to support the following features:

  • High-frequency statistics gathering and reporting—Network Director uses high-frequency statistics to report on device and port latency and congestion events through the Device and Port Latency Heatmap dashboard widget and the View Congestion Events task in Monitoring mode.
  • Flow analysis—Network Director provides information about application flows in your data center, such as the path the flow takes through the network, the latency experienced at each hop, and traffic statistics for each network device in the path. The Virtual Machines & Bare Metal Servers dashboard widget and the Recent Flow Analysis dashboard widget are the primary interfaces for this feature.

You can learn more about how cloud analytics engine works with Network Director from the Network Director documentation or the online help.


For more details on installing and configuring CAE, click Cloud Analytics Engine documentation.