Looking for the Contrail documentation?

By Elevate posted 09-01-2015 12:30



Where did the Contrail documentation move to?


The Contrail documentation can now be found in the TechLibrary. All previous Contrail documentation links are automatically redirected to the new site.


How to Navigate the Contrail Documentation


1. On the Contrail Documentation page on TechLibrary, choose the Contrail release for which you want to view documentation.


2. Select the guide that contains the information you need for the particular release:


  • Release Notes--Contains new features, known issues, and resolved issues
  • Getting Started Guide--Contains product overviews and installation instructions
  • Feature Guide--Contains feature configuration instructions


3. Once in the relevant guide, use the Table of Contents on the left pane to navigate each topic. For example, to find instructions to configure a virtual network, select "Configurating Contrail" from the left pane of the Contrail™ Feature Guide, Release 2.20.


Providing Feedback


If you have difficulty finding what you are looking for, or have specific feedback about the Contrail documentation, please use the 5-star rating system located at the top of each Contrail documentation page. We're here to help!