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How do I order Junosphere?

By Elevate posted 03-10-2016 08:24



How do I order Junosphere?


When you order a Junosphere SKU, you are buying capacity in Junosphere. In order for you to design, test, or train on Junosphere, you must have capacity in your account in your Junosphere bank. With the PO process or a credit card purchase, you are prepaying for capacity that you want to use. This is similar to buying a prepaid calling card in that you can use your capacity when you want it.


You can purchase Junosphere in two ways:

  • By the standard PO process
  • With a credit card

If you purchase Junosphere with a credit card, click Juniper Learning Portal to place an order.


Credit card use is designed for individuals who want to buy time in Junosphere (typically, people who are studying for the JNCIE) and companies that find it easier to use credit cards for purchases.


If you need help with ordering, send an e-mail to: Junosphere_schedule_admin@juniper.net.


For more information, click:
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