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FAQ: Do I need reboot an SRX5800 to create an IPv6 address book?

By Erdem posted 05-20-2016 12:50



Do I  need to reboot an SRX5800 (in flow mode) with 15.x firmware on SRX5800 to create an IPv6 address book?


Yes, you need to reboot the SRX5800  to enable the IPV6 address book. If your SRX is configured in a chassis cluster, you should reboot both SRX devices at the same time.

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06-23-2016 09:23



Do we really need to reboot the SRX5800 to create inet6 address book?

I thought the reboot was required to change the inet6 forwarding mode.


I also thought inet6 configuration could be committed to the device before enabling inet6 forwarding mode, but no traffic would go through.


I assume therefore creating an inet6 address book would have been possible.

Could you please clarify?