Can I discover devices by using Junos Space and manage them from Network Director?

By Elevate posted 02-25-2016 23:46



Can I discover devices by using Junos Space and manage them from Network Director?


You can use Junos Space device discovery, available under the Network Application Platform, to discover devices supported by Network Director and to bring them under Network Director management. The only exception to this are the virtual devices in your network. You can discover virtual devices and bring them under Network Director management only by using the virtual network discovery task of Network Director.
For devices that you want to discover by using Junos Space, ensure that SNMP is enabled on that device and that you choose SNMP as the discovery method. Network Director device discovery does not have this restriction.


When you use Junos Space device discovery to discover devices, Network Director imports the device configurations of the discovered devices into its Build mode profiles and configuration just as it does when you use Network Director to discover devices. In addition, when Network Director is installed, it imports the configurations of any supported devices that were previously discovered by Junos Space.


Any devices discovered by Network Director are also brought under Junos Space management. If you uninstall Network Director, the devices you discovered by using Network Director remain in the Junos Space device database. This does not apply for virtual devices. These devices will have to be rediscovered from Network Director after you reinstall Network Director.


For a complete list of the supported devices and their required operating system version, refer to the Supported Platforms section in the Network Director Release Notes.