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FAQ: Junos Space Network Director

By Erdem posted 01-10-2017 23:03


Junos Space Network Director provides a smart, comprehensive, and automated network management solution that enables you to visualize, analyze, and control your entire enterprise network through a single pane of glass.


In the data center, Network Director helps you manage and synchronize both physical and virtual environments, ensuring that network policies follow workloads as they move from server to server or from virtual machine to virtual machine.


In the campus, Network Director automates routine management tasks---such as network provisioning and troubleshooting---that dramatically improve operational efficiency and reliability.


Network Director also integrates with VMware vCenter and vRealize Operations (vROps), incorporating important management functions that address challenges posed by the rapid adoption of virtualization across data centers and clouds. Network Director also offers sophisticated analytics for high-performance data centers, whereas open RESTful APIs support service orchestration integration with third-party platforms.


To quickly ramp up on Network Director, click:

To get access to a Network Director demo server fill out the form available at Network Director Demo.


This article provides answers to the most common questions about Junos Space Network Director.


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