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Juniper SRX Series: 1 Million Sold and Counting!

By Chris Spain posted 11-26-2018 13:32




To our customers:  thanks a million.


This week at Juniper, we are celebrating an epic milestone:  the shipment of our one millionth SRX Series platform!


That’s one million units deployed around the globe, serving our customers in a number of environments and applications:

  • Purchased by over 40,000 customers
  • Deployed everywhere in the world: Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific
  • Fits everywhere, from small enterprise locations to national government and the commercial internet backbone
  • Used in branch locations, campus and headquarters, and data center
  • Serves many industries including financial services, banking, national government, education, retail, healthcare, insurance, high-tech and state and local government


The SRX Series is recognized throughout the industry as a true powerhouse of the enterprise edge. It can be deployed as a secure router, an SD-WAN CPE device, or an advanced, next-generation firewall.




The Most Complete Security Solution

The SRX Series is one of the most feature-rich families of next-generation firewalls available today. In addition to foundational features like NAT, VPN, telemetry and reporting, SRX Series customers also have access to:

  • NGFW features such as Application Quality of Service (App QoS), control and visibility, user-based firewall, and intrusion prevention
  • Unified Threat management, including anti-virus, anti-spam, web and content filtering
  • Threat Intelligence and feeds including botnets, C&C servers, GeoIP, Advanced Persistent Threat, and custom feeds
  • Advanced Threat Prevention, both on-premises and cloud-based, including sandboxing, evasive malware detection, rich reporting, and analytics


The SRX Series also features MACsec secure Ethernet encryption, delivering the additional layers of strict data protection typically found in federal government, financial services, and higher-education research programs.


SD-WAN Today; SD-Enterprise Tomorrow 

Many vendors see SD-WAN as the ultimate goal for the modern enterprise. Unfortunately, most of these vendors have failed to build security into their SD-WAN solutions, leaving their customers vulnerable to cyberattacks.


At Juniper, we believe that SD-WAN is just the first step toward building a richer enterprise environment—something we call the SD-enterprise. And we are proud to say that security has been a part of our SD-WAN—and SD-Enterprise—strategy from Day One.


It’s true that, as a practical application of SDN to WAN management links, SD-WAN delivers important benefits such as simplified management with centralized zero-touch provisioning (ZTP) and improved performance via dynamic routing. It also mitigates WAN costs by managing traffic dynamically across multiple provider links and even provides resiliency with hybrid WAN constructs.


However, even greater value is found when you aim higher—say, for a secure and automated multicloud—by going beyond just implementing software defined for WAN links. By unifying security, visibility, management, and orchestration at locations throughout your enterprise—including branch, campus, and private cloud data centers—and recognizing that these places are on-ramps to multicloud, you can achieve a true SD-Enterprise.


Juniper recognized this by building a truly scalable and versatile building block for the architecture of the future: the SRX Series. Thanks to its innovative design, the very same SRX Series device can evolve along with you on your journey from secure router to SD-WAN to, ultimately, a full SD-Enterprise.


The SRX Series adds much-needed security to your SD-WAN environment and beyond. Along with its identical software-based version, the vSRX Virtual Firewall, the SRX Series can connect your enterprise to the public cloud, serving as the endpoint. Not only that, it also serves as the engine in Juniper’s universal CPE device, the NFX Series Network Services Platform, which allows you to spin up virtually any network function.


With the SRX Series, SD-WAN is just the beginning, leading inevitably to an SD-Enterprise.


The Best Secure Routing, Built on the Shoulders of Giants

SRX Series customers know that they’re getting the most advanced and battle-tested routing stack in the industry—the same bulletproof software that routes 70% of the world’s Internet traffic.


Let the SRX Series Work For You

It’s no wonder that more than one million SRX Series units have been deployed worldwide. It’s the reliable constant in an ever-changing technology world.


Learn More about the SRX Series 

Learn more about the SRX Series today:

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