New Cybersecurity Platform Enhancements Enable Automated, Adaptive and Simplified Threat Response

By Amy James posted 04-03-2018 04:30


Automated. Adaptive. Simplified. Isn’t that what a cybersecurity solution should be? We know that the number one priority for security teams today is detecting and stopping advanced attacks before they cause major damage. Bad actors are operating with increased organizational efficiency and a seemingly bottomless pit of financial backing, not to mention they are constantly turning up the level of technological innovation they use to carry out their exploits. This week we saw that a Russian-Ukrainian organized crime gang in Spain that has collected more than $1.2B with malware that hacked ATMs to spit out money on command. These criminals were investigated and apprehended by Spanish police, Europol and the FBI, as these nefarious activities are large scale, requiring international responses.


We Are Still in an Arms Race

We have encryption, they have encryption. We have automation, they have automation. We have AI, they have AI. They have sophisticated platforms to deliver their payloads … and now we have a unified cybersecurity platform, which is powered by Software-Defined Secure Networks (SDSN), that not only responds to, but helps organizations stay ahead of these attacks. This platform delivers defense across diverse environments and is designed from the ground up to adapt to changing threat conditions.


Not Enough Good Guys

While keeping up with cyber crime is a top concern, we also know that there are not enough of the good guys – the security professionals that are on the front lines day in and day out. These men and women are constantly overloaded with meaningless alerts and struggling with disparate tools that don’t play well with each other. Recently, we sat down with security teams in the US and Europe and heard directly from them about how hungry they are for unification of tools, simplification of manual processes and adaptability of threat detection. They want to protect cloud workloads and hybrid environments dynamically and consistently, and are waiting for the day when they can feel confident that their security architecture is acting as a unified force for good.


Unified Cybersecurity Platformsec1.png
Juniper Networks is rolling out key portfolio enhancements to help customers fortify their security posture with a platform that is open for integration and fueled by automation. These enhancements will empower organizations to protect themselves from fast-moving threats and rapidly adapt to cyber crime tactics. For security teams tasked with finding the proverbial needle in the haystack, this means less hay and more needles – these teams will be hunting down real threats in near-real time, not wading through a sea of false positives.


With a unique timeline view of threat behavior that is integrated with inline blocking, the is now integrated with our SRX Series Next-Generation Firewalls. This integration delivers fast, proactive defense against known and unknown threats and enables security teams to mitigate threats with just one touch.


sec43v2 (2).jpg

JATP is further enhanced by joining it with Security Director Policy

Enforcer’s security fabric for truly orchestrated remediation. Adaptive malware detection triggers automated policy enforcement for increased protection across networks and cloud environments.

Extended protection for cloud workloads is now possible with Security Director and Amazon Web Services (AWS) working together to fortify AWS Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs).


Our cloud-delivered anti-malware service, Sky Advanced Threat Prevention (Sky ATP), has expanded its footprint of regional data centers to include not only US and EMEA, but APAC and Canada as well. With these local data centers, customers may experience lower latency and be better able to comply with local data regulations.


Lastly, we are very proud to be furthering our commitment to improving cybersecurity by joining the Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA), an organization dedicated to improving the security of the global digital ecosystems through cyber threat information sharing.

We’ll be at RSA, so please stop by our booth 3615 North Hall to see our cybersecurity platform in action and learn more about why Juniper Networks should become your trusted security partner.