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JATP Appliances Deliver One-Touch Solution for Building a Stronger Security Posture

By Amy James posted 12-04-2018 04:40


As 2018 comes to a close, it’s clear we need continued security innovations to keep our organizations better protected from cybercrime. Bad actors with limitless resources are hyper-innovative in finding and exploiting vulnerabilities. Meanwhile, our vulnerabilities are expanding with cloud environments and distributed, digital business models. We need new ideas to keep our security postures strong. Attacks like cryptojacking and new variants of ransomware are using revolutionary obfuscation tactics and automation to bypass traditional security solutions. The ongoing shortage of qualified security experts, combined with a flood of data from multiple security vendors and connections to multiple clouds, are driving the need for faster, more flexible and automated cybersecurity solutions.


Today, Juniper Networks is introducing key enhancements to our security portfolio with our custom data collector capability, which is available for all of our Juniper Networks® Advanced Threat Prevention Appliances, as well as our new Juniper Networks® JATP400 Advanced Threat Prevention Appliance.


Custom data collector shines light on critical threat conditions in minutes vs. hours





Building upon the portfolio’s open architecture, now all JATP Appliances can more easily parse and leverage data from multiple security sources in the network through an intuitive interface, eliminating time-consuming, costly customizations and minimizing vendor lock-in. Data seamlessly flows into the JATP Appliances threat behavior timeline view, empowering security teams to rapidly pinpoint the attacks that matter most.




This new capability collects and parses events from multiple sources in minutes rather than hours, massively simplifying the process of integrating multiple security data sources. Threat data can be parsed from logs using XML, JSON or CSV formats.


JATP400 Appliance for distributed enterprises that need a fast, automated defenseJATP-blog-3.png


The JATP400 Appliance is the perfect choice for security teams that require advanced threat defense capabilities across their distributed organization. The JATP400 Appliance can be deployed together with any firewall or SIEM – regardless of vendor – to offer a streamlined way of identifying and prioritizing threats.


With JATP Appliances, security teams will benefit from:


  • Fast, flexible and automated defense against malicious activity that works alongside any existing firewall or SIEM
  • Insight into threat behavior at every step of the lifecycle to pinpoint high priority incidents and reduce false positives
  • Easy to use interface to collect and correlate threat data from multiple security sources
  • Effective mitigation of lateral propagation
  • Flexible deployment modes


The JATP Appliances are a key component of Juniper’s unified cybersecurity platform – engineered to deliver adaptive detection, automated enforcement and one-touch mitigation so you can build a stronger security posture.


To see how much time and money you could save by utilizing our JATP Appliance, visit our online Cybersecurity Calculator.



The JATP400 Appliance is available for purchase now.


The custom data collector capability is scheduled to be available for all JATP Appliances in December 2018.


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