Jeremiah Haze


My name is Jeremiah, and I’ve recently joined Juniper Networks to manage our beloved J-Net Community. I’ll be working hard to drive new programs to attract new members, nurture the loyal J-Net users into evangelists, connect with our J-Net ambassadors, and most importantly to learn and actively listen to every single one of you to make the J-Net Community even better for 2018 and beyond. Some quick facts about myself: Love listening to music. I'm open to anything, but you’ll mostly find my playlist to be full of Hip Hop I like nerding out on San Jose's history (grew up and still live there) Avid flag football player, sometimes basketball I run half marathons w/ my fiancé (More like getting dragged into doing them =P ) Traveling and going on adventures! (see below) Love rooting for my favorite sports teams (San Francisco 49ers, San Francisco Giants, San Jose Sharks) Love learning new technologies. I am a sponge and looking forward to soaking up a ton of knowledge from the J-Net Community!