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  • Join us! Ask the Expert: Wi-Fi , AI, and Wireless When: Thursday, Feb ruary 18 , 9-10AM EST Where: Here o n the Elevate Community Valued Community Members , We invite all Elevate Community members ...

  • WOW, thanks a million !!

  • This is what I was saying: You are configuring the IPv4 addresses explicitly and they are unique. If you configured OSPFv2 the adjacency would come up. If you misconfigured the IPs and use the same on both ends, the adjacency would fail. Same ...

  • Hello, I am trying to understand the effect of configuring class-of-service in the following manner: # [edit class-of-service schedulers <scheduler-name>] #set transmit-rate remainder <0..100> If a certain forwarding-class is configured with a certain ...

  • I manually configured link-local address on one site, the OSPFv3 neighbor is up. Not sure whether this is a right way. thanks !!!

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