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  • 1.  JSA virtual appliance for free?

    Posted 12-01-2020 05:49
    our company has specialized on Q1labs technology which is being distributed by IBM and Juniper as physical or virtual appliance.
    Especially the JSA virtual appliance is an ideal platform for testing and developing new modules like apps, dsms and REST api scripts.
    3 years ago IBM started to publish a  community edition for free with a small footprint that can be used for development only.
    Software upgrades cant be done but development tasks are just fine.

    Wouldnt it be nice to use the elevate community to publish a Juniper version of the  JSA software and boost this idea? License could be time bombed or feature limited to prevent misuse. The number of customers for the JSA solution is very limited! The "elevate community JSA edition" would help to sell this solution and help Juniper to become even more prominent in the IT security arena!

    Just my 0.2 cent


  • 2.  RE: JSA virtual appliance for free?

    Posted 12-01-2020 06:13

    Hi Karl,
    the JSA also has a trial Version if someone wants to test stuff as far as I know. The thing with „light" versions is, that they have to be maintained - for the Vendor it is way easier to go the „Trial" Road to test every feature out there for 60days, develop addons for the software and then publish it. If you are into developing Apps I'm very sure, that Juniper can generate a „dev-License" if they see a benefit :)

    With a lot of solutions (like vLabs, EVE-NG, GNS3 etc.) it's possible to „wipe" the device - resulting in another 60days for testing. 

    I like the Idea of „Community" Editions and will ask the folks internally if this is possible but I fear the maintenance part is too high. 

    Christian Scholz
    Juniper Networks Ambassador | JNCIE-SEC #374

  • 3.  RE: JSA virtual appliance for free?

    Posted 12-01-2020 06:47
    Hi Christian,
    thanks a lot for your ideas. You are right abut the maintenance aspects. As outlined already a  time bombed full version would be great. Problem is there is no easy way to obtain a trial version for us and other members of the Devop community. Guest accounts are not eligible for downloads even if they have access to an SSN. We workaround by opening an SR for our customers.  A  dev-License would be fine and wipe option as well. 
    Thanks for supporting us regarding this issue. I am sure we would be able to contribute to the community once we get access to a standard JSA image.


  • 4.  RE: JSA virtual appliance for free?

    Posted 12-01-2020 06:59

    When u said JSA Virtual free do u refer to this image .iso? Is there any image they easy to test such as .qcow2 or .ova?


  • 5.  RE: JSA virtual appliance for free?

    Posted 12-01-2020 07:11
    Hi kronicklez,
    you are right. The ISO image needs a full install which takes quite some time. Moreover its not available for users not having a VAR status with Juniper.
    An ova as being offered by IBM and other vendors isn't available as well.