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  • 1.  Intervlan Routing on VQFX

    Posted 01-13-2021 08:50
    Hey guys, 
    I want to configure intervlan routing using IRB interfaces on vQFX. I saw the lab design as follow on juniper vlabs page and I tried that design in my EVE VM.
    I configured the same design and configuration with the one on Juniper vlabs. The problem is that even though configurations are the same, I can ping both IRB interfaces but I can
    t ping between hosts. I can easily ping them when I tried with Juniper Vlab. I tried to troubleshoot but can't figure out what is wrong. I hope you guys can help me.
    Thanks in advance. 


  • 2.  RE: Intervlan Routing on VQFX

    Posted 01-14-2021 10:20
    Solved the issue. There was interface speed mismatch between host and qfx

  • 3.  RE: Intervlan Routing on VQFX

    Posted 01-19-2021 11:55

    Glad that you solved it :)

    One thing regarding the vQFX and EVE-NG:
    Make sure to use 17.4 as of this release works really well in terms of EVPN and the vQFX.

    18.x and 19.x seem to have "strange side-effects" which sometimes results in either traffic-loss or one device thinking it's a VC-Member (which breaks the vQFX since it can't do VC).


    Christian Scholz
    Juniper Networks Ambassador | JNCIE-SEC #374
    Blog: | Twitter: @chsjuniper | YT-Channel: netchron

  • 4.  RE: Intervlan Routing on VQFX

    Posted 01-19-2021 19:48
    I will keep that in mind.