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  • 1.  GRE IPIP on QFX3500

    Posted 12-31-2020 00:38


    We have 2x QFX3500 in Virutal CHassis mode, so :

    1. can we lunch 2-4x GRE or IPIP tunnel ? onyl 2x tunnel is active and 2x tunnel is in standby mode, that 2 active tunnel has around 80-90mbps IMIX traffic. and this does not cause high cpu usages?

    2. GRE/IPIP tunnel is handle in software or it will handle in hardware in asic in QFX3500 ?

    3. is it posible to update TCPMSS in QFX ? also it will handle it in OS or hardware and this will affect on CPU usages so much?

    Thank you.

  • 2.  RE: GRE IPIP on QFX3500

    Posted 01-01-2021 02:47

    any reply?