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Host 0 Boot from backup root alarm

  • 1.  Host 0 Boot from backup root alarm

    Posted 12-22-2020 03:44


    i'm getting the alarm below on my ACX4000 device, what can i do to resolve this issue? Below more info about the device :

    1 alarms currently active
    Alarm time Class Description
    2020-07-09 07:01:59 UTC Minor Host 0 Boot from backup root

    Model: acx4000
    Family: junos
    Junos: 17.3R3-S2.2

    > show system storage partitions

    Boot Media: internal (da0)
    Active Partition: da0s1a
    Backup Partition: da0s2a
    Currently booted from: backup (da0s2a)

    Partitions information:
    Partition Size Mountpoint
    s1a 872M altroot
    s1e 92M altconfig
    s2a 872M /
    s2e 92M /config
    s3d 447M /var/log
    s3f 3.9G /var
    s4b unused (swap)
    s4h 15M unused (swap)

    thx in advance