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Welcome to the Ask an Expert community!

  • 1.  Welcome to the Ask an Expert community!

    Posted 11-18-2020 09:01

    Hi Everyone,  

    Welcome to the Ask an Expert community. 

    On behalf of the team, I’m thrilled to share with you our new Juniper Elevate Community platform that offers a more personalized member experience, better opportunities for co-innovation, greater social media leverage, and a deeper connection to “all things Juniper.” You’ve probably already received a message from our platform, and I wanted to reach out personally with community-specific information.

    Below are a few simple steps you can take to quickly get acquainted with this new platform: 

    1. Review the Ask an Expert homepage .Participate in the latest discussions, and announcements, or share your helpful files. 

    2. Start a discussion or respond to someone else. If you have a Juniper-related question you’d like to ask your peers, post your question here. Or use the “post message” link in the discussion emails you’ll receive from Events. Share your expertise by responding to others’ posts. The more you engage, the more value you’ll gain. 

    3. Set your messaging preferences. I highly recommend that you subscribe to our circle in your profile to stay updated on the latest activities. You may change your messaging preferences at any time (e.g. receiving messages as a digest or as they’re posted), or if you’d like to opt out of receiving these emails, visit the Community Notifications page to control your messaging preferences. 

    4. Update your profile. Visit the profile page to add any information you would like to share with your Juniper peers.

    If you have questions or suggestions for this community, please reach out to me directly. You can also send me a message on the platform by clicking the “send message” button on my profile. 

    I look forward to your participation and strive to make Ask an Expert the best possible place to engage, learn, and collaborate with your peers. 


    Jack Joyce

    Jack Joyce