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JNCIS-SP Study Guide

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  • 1.  JNCIS-SP Study Guide

    Posted 09-19-2018 03:37

    Is there a recommended study guide for the JNCIS-SP Exams please?


    Or for the JNCIS-SEC?


    If I try and get any PDFs from here:




    I get database errors and no PDFs  😞

  • 2.  RE: JNCIS-SP Study Guide

    Posted 09-19-2018 05:15

    Hi Clive,

    There hasn't been update on the JNCIS-SP Study guide (book) other than the exam (JN0-361)


    Follow the Cert Guide (All Certs):

    For JNCIS-SP:  Following guide is old but good reference and  pretty much covers all there is except, for STP/L2Bridging:

    Additional Training Resource can be found here:



  • 3.  RE: JNCIS-SP Study Guide

    Posted 09-19-2018 05:33

    Right, the old pdf study guides from the fast track were removed.


    The hope is to put all the necessary topics into the Junos Genius program.  So you can search the topics from the exam outline there to fill in the needed material.


    Hopefully regular print/pdf study guides for all the exams will make their way out eventually.


  • 4.  RE: JNCIS-SP Study Guide

    Posted 09-19-2018 05:39

    Thanks Steve and Karan.....


    Okay. Well, I will put to use what I already know (that should take all of 5 seconds  🙂  🙂 ) and then do some practice exams to see where I need to brush up....



  • 5.  RE: JNCIS-SP Study Guide

    Posted 09-19-2018 06:03

    The latest study material is actaully part of JIR/JSPX/JMF course (can attend via Juniper Networks Authorized Education Partner (JNAEP) offerings and locations). in which you get lab practicals & advanced study guide.

    Those course are some what overpriced but the study material that comes along is worth some.


    Also,  you could utilize vLAB, can spin virtual MX, SRX and QFX in routing topologies to do some practice:



  • 6.  RE: JNCIS-SP Study Guide
    Best Answer

    Posted 09-19-2018 06:33

    Yes, the Juniper courses have always been the authoritative source for certification material as outlined on the certification pages.


    But these are more expensive than individuals can afford and we don't all work for companies that will pay for this official training with multiple days out of the office.


    Juniper with the old Fast Track program kindly provided 3 free pdfs as a study guide for the jncis-sp exam.  These were a great boon for the individual learner and I was sorry to see the program end and the books drop off the web.


    Other programs have options to purchase study guide books similar to this set of 3, usually for less than $100 per exam.  This is an affordable option then for individual learners.  And can sometimes be expensed and paid for by companies for employees too. 


    I hope that Juniper eventually gets official study guides put together for the various exams.  While in person training is ideal, this is not in the cards for most of us.  Study guides are a great convenience to organize the material needed per exam.

  • 7.  RE: JNCIS-SP Study Guide

    Posted 09-20-2018 02:06

    Thanks again guys......


    It may be worthwhile, if I have the time, while studying for the JNCIS-SEC exam, to write the study material down.... that way, maybe a sort of, amateur study guide can be produced.... who knows... it may be beneficial to other candidates....

  • 8.  RE: JNCIS-SP Study Guide

    Posted 03-20-2019 00:21
    Hi Steve/Karan,

    Do you know where I may be able to get hold of the 3 fast track PDFs mentioned? Or if you know of any training providers who will allow me to purchase them?

    I am thinking of studying for the JNCIS-SP but am a bit put off by the lack of available up to date materials which are reasonably priced.

    I will check out Juno's Genius too but I would really love to get hold of those fast track PDFs.


  • 9.  RE: JNCIS-SP Study Guide

    Posted 03-20-2019 14:56

    Unfortunately those study pdf are no longer available and they have not been replaced with any other book style study guide.  


    The options today are still the same as outlined above.