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JNCIP JN0-647 Objetives

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  • 1.  JNCIP JN0-647 Objetives

    Posted 01-09-2018 07:59




    I am preparing the JN0-647 certification and I saw something that i don´t understand well . regarding the objetives , on juniper web page are these:


    Interior Gateway Protocols (IGPs)
    IP Multicast
    Ethernet Switching and Spanning Tree
    Layer 2 Authentication and Access Control
    IP Telephony Features
    Class of Service (CoS)


    Inside Interior Gateway Protocols (IGPs) :


    Describe the concepts, operation or functionality of IGPs
    OSPFv2 and OSPFv3
    Routing Policy
    Given a scenario, demonstrate knowledge of how to configure, troubleshoot, or monitor IGPs

    But the summary of AJEX course , the first lesson is different , don´t speak about IGPs , only OSPF and IS-iS & RIP don´t appear nowhere.


    Please, could you help me with this issue ? ¿ how can I study these objetives that not appear on AJEX course ?


    Thanks so much


    Best regards


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    Posted 01-09-2018 23:33

    the JNCIP-Enterprise is based on the AJEX and AJER course

    the routing topics can be found in the AJER course




    Fastlane  Juniper Trainer

  • 3.  RE: JNCIP JN0-647 Objetives

    Posted 01-09-2018 23:50

    As Alex has mentioned the associated courses for JNCIP-ENT are AJEX and AJER.


    Also, to reach JNCIP-ENT level you need to get JNCIS-ENT (Associated Courses: JEX, JIR) and JNCIA-JunOS (Associated course: IJOS).


    If you followed IJOS-->JEX:JIR--> AJEX:AJER then you will earn the associated certs without any issues.



  • 4.  RE: JNCIP JN0-647 Objetives

    Posted 01-10-2018 02:32

    Thanks so much for your time . So although in the Exam Objetives for JN0-647 say that is necessary study RIP and IS-IS as IGPs protocols , as in the AJER course don´t apper these topics , I don´t have to study these protocols ? . 


    yes i already have JNCIA and JNCIS-ENT . I want to prepare JNCIP-ENT without pay the AJER and AJEX course because is too expensive for me . i have a older versión ( 11b ) of these documents , but now the update version is 15a ... also I have O´Really´s book "Junos Enterprise Routing, 2nd Edition" .