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Juniper instructor

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  • 1.  Juniper instructor

    Posted 07-14-2020 06:47

    Hello Team,

    I need to be juniper instrustor, So I want to know the prerequisite and the exam fee, As all steps to apply 

    Thanks in advanced for your help

  • 2.  RE: Juniper instructor

    Posted 07-14-2020 06:49

    Hello Ahmed,


    what exactly do you mean with "Juniper instructor"?

  • 3.  RE: Juniper instructor

    Posted 07-14-2020 06:53

    To be instructor for juniper to allow to teach the module of Juniper in our country with legal status, So I need to be instructor for juniper as another vendor

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    Posted 07-14-2020 10:33

    Hi Ahmedsadek,


    Greetings, based on this discussion (https://forums.juniper.net/t5/Training-Certification-and/Juniper-Network-Ceritifed-Instructor/td-p/281701) from 2016, these are the requirements:


    You do not need to work for the JNAEP in order to take the JNIPE exam. You can take the exam, pass it, earn the certification (JNCI). 


    But your JNCI certification will NOT be active until you join a JNAEP and notify Juniper Networks Education Services. 


    After you joined one of the JNAEPs, you modified your cert profile on certmanager website and changed the associated email to the corporate email address of that JNAEP.  Then you write to Juniper Education services (certification@juniper.net) letting them know that you already joined this JNAEP and will teach juniper classes. 


    They will activate your JNCI certification. 


    A little more about JNIPE exam (JNIPE = Juniper Networks Instructor Proficiency Exam)


    It is a presentation exam, you will have to pass this exam ****before**** teaching any Juniper courses. 


    You can pick one of the tracks(routing/security, etc),  and there will be core courses you need to prepare(content of which you must be familiar with), I do not know which specific course nowadays(Aug 2016) but when I took the exam back at 2007 it was CJNR-M(Configuring Juniper Networks Routers - M series) as I chose the routing track for my JNIPE exam(hey, I am a router guy!) . 


    so I am guessing it will be IJOS/JRE/JIR, probably JIR for you to present if you chose the routing track. 


    Exam format look like this: You will be asked to present 2 chapters, one of them chose by you and another chose by the proctors from the Juniper Ed services team.....so basically you need to be familiar with ALL the chapters for the course you are presenting. 


    Just act as if you are delivering this course in a live situation. 


    You will be evaluated by course preparation / technical knowledge / presentation skills / interaction / atmosphere control / use of whiteboard, etc. 


    There is no designated scores, only pass or fail.  You will have the result in a few days. 


    After passing JNIPE there were labs requirements(waived if you are JNCIP-M or JNCIE-M) but that was before, not sure if lab part is still required or not. 


    Lab fee is $1,400 and it is not conducted regularly so you need to check with Juniper education services department to schedule a date for your JNIPE exam. 


    Nevertheless, I would recommend you reach out to certification@juniper.net and they will let you know if something has changed. Good luck Sir!!  



    If this solves your problem, please mark this post as "Accepted Solution" so we can help others too \:)/


    Lil Dexx
    JNCIE-ENT#863, 3X JNCIP-[SP-ENT-DC], 4X JNCIA [cloud-DevOps-Junos-Design], Champions Ingenius, SSYB