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Has the content changed of JNCIS-ENT ?

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  • 1.  Has the content changed of JNCIS-ENT ?

    Posted 11-09-2016 04:23

    Hi all,


    Today i have seen that the exam objetives of JNCIS-ENT has changed ( -RIP , -IPv6 ) and the official study guide isn´t in the web ( before there were 2 guides witch routing and switching ) . Someone knows where are actual guides ? . can tell me someone if the topics of certification exam were changed ? . Thanks a lot.

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    Posted 11-18-2016 00:57

    Nobody knows about this ??? Rerely....

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    Posted 11-19-2016 05:04

    I don't see any announced changes in the last two years on the news portal.  But as far as the study process goes for the exams I would do this.


    Currently posted objectives are your main checklist.  These are the topics from which the question pools are taken.




    The free guides you are referring to were part of the Fast Track portal.  Looking at the training site it looks like this portal has been removed now.  So I would guess the material is considered out of date.  There are other general resources listed on the old page in the mean time.







  • 4.  RE: Has the content changed of JNCIS-ENT ?

    Posted 04-17-2017 09:16

    Yeah, about that. I have been going around and around from the resources page to the fast track page to the JNCIS-Ent page looking for the study guides. I have found the one from 2004, but I don't think that one is applicable anymore. I have used Google to find the study guide that was updated in 2012, but have been unsuccessful in downloading them. I think there is supposed to be one for Routing and one for Switching. Is the link on the fast track or resources page broken? 

  • 5.  RE: Has the content changed of JNCIS-ENT ?

    Posted 04-17-2017 13:48

    The Fast Track pages were pulled down last Fall and are due to be re-deployed with updated content in June or July.


    See the notes posted on this thread by the certification team.




    We’re targeting a late Q2/early Q3 release for the new Fast Track program. 
    There will be an announcement made prior to its release.
    JNCP Team

  • 6.  RE: Has the content changed of JNCIS-ENT ?

    Posted 05-09-2017 06:54


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