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JNCIP/JNCIE Ent Certification Advise

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  • 1.  JNCIP/JNCIE Ent Certification Advise

    Posted 07-31-2016 11:31



    I am planning on purchasing the following study material:


    Advanced Junos Enterprise Switching Troubleshooting, Revision 12.b (12.3R1.7)

    Advanced Junos Enterprise Switching, Revision 12.a (10.4R1.9)

    Advanced Junos Enterprise Routing, Revision 12.a (12.1X46-D20.5)

    Advanced Junos Enterprise Routing Troubleshooting, Revision 12.b (12.1R5.5 and 12.3R1.7)


    However, those materials are based on all different junos versions.   I heard that version 11.4 is the version on the JNCIE lab gear.  Is this so?  is there a particular release? Also, should I try to find merterial based on the exact Junos version and release as the version and release on the JNCIE-Ent Lab equipment?  or will the above material and version/release number be sufficient?


    Also, should that material be sufficient for the JNCIP-Ent being that, according to http://www.juniper.net/us/en/training/certification/certification-tracks/ent-routing-switching-track/#jncipent, the version number is 15.1?


    Thank you,

  • 2.  RE: JNCIP/JNCIE Ent Certification Advise

    Posted 07-31-2016 14:49

    The written tests are built based on the course material which are generally created first.  So you should be fine for the written test with studying the course material.


    For the specific exams, JNCIP-ENT will use the Advanced routing and switching courses.


    The two troubleshooting courses are for the JNCSP-ENT exam that can be taken after you have the JNCIP completed.  In addtion for the troubleshooting track there is the general Junos troubleshooting exam and course Junos troubleshooting in the NOC.  The JNCSP requires two tests, the general one and the track specific one.

  • 3.  RE: JNCIP/JNCIE Ent Certification Advise

    Posted 07-31-2016 15:35

    Awesome, Thank you. My goal at this point is to get the JNCIP-Ent and then the JNCIE-Ent. Based on your response, the advances routing and switching courses should be sufficient to pass the JNCIP-Ent course.


    Now, for the JNCIE, do you know the software version that the lab uses? Is there a JNCIE-Ent Workbook offered by juniper for this lab test? What are the recommended hardware to use to study?


    Thank you,



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    Posted 07-31-2016 17:08

    The JNCIE does have a Juniper 5 day live boot camp, but they don't sell that training material separately.




    The outline of topics that you need to know are here.  I had thought they also mentioned the current lab version, but I don't see that here now.




    Generally changes to the certification requirements are announced 3 months in advance here on the forums.


    You should also know that you need to earn the JNCIA and JNCIS before you can be awarded the JNCIP.  You can't skip levels.  Juniper has the topics organized by level of difficulty so you don't get tested on the same topics as you go up the chain either.  But you do have to earn each lower level before you can get the higher one.


    There are free study materials for the JNCIA and JNCIS on the Fast Track portal.



  • 5.  RE: JNCIP/JNCIE Ent Certification Advise

    Posted 07-26-2017 01:40

    Hello Steve, 


    Can you give a outline as how JNCIE exam will be ?


    Like, how many theory questions, how many labs, is there any viva, total marks and passing marks.


    Thanks in advance.

  • 6.  RE: JNCIP/JNCIE Ent Certification Advise

    Posted 07-26-2017 03:00

    I have not taken the JNCIE personally (not enough budget and travel)  but this is how the process works.


    The JNCIE is a lab only exam but you cannot register unless you have the JNCIP for the same track.  And each  level of the Juniper certifcations require that you have the previous level, you can't skip levels.  So before you can take the JNCIE lab exam you have to pass 3 written multiple choice exams:  JNCIA; JNCIS; JNCIP.


    At the JNCIE lab you will have a list of tasks to perform showing their relative value to each other and a limited amount of time to complete the tasks.  Once complete you will be evaluated against the list and scored.

  • 7.  RE: JNCIP/JNCIE Ent Certification Advise

    Posted 07-31-2016 17:24
    OK. I already passed JNCIA-Junos and JNCIS-Ent. I will concentrate on JNCIP-Ent right now and worry about JNCIE-Ent Later. Thanks for all your help.