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  • 1.  Additional Resources

    Posted 10-11-2017 16:17

    Hello Everyone. 

    As we no longer have access to the course and we all gear up for the exam I wanted to share some resources I have found. Below are some links to some videos and references that may help fill in any gaps. I always find it helpful to learn from at least two sources, so here goes.


    INE - JNCIA Vids on Yotuube

    Juniper Interface Naming Conventions Video

    Class of Service Basics Video


    Configuring Default, Primary, and Preferred Addresses and Interfaces

    Understanding Static Route Preferences and Qualified Next Hops

    Understanding Routing Policies


    Also feel free to add any additional resources you may have found useful throughout your studies. 



  • 2.  RE: Additional Resources

    Posted 10-11-2017 20:15

    Thanks for sharing Alex!

  • 3.  RE: Additional Resources

    Posted 10-12-2017 18:02

    Alex, can I have your email address? 






  • 4.  RE: Additional Resources
    Best Answer

    Posted 10-13-2017 04:51

    Thank you very much!