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A Sneak Peek into the Juniper Elevate Community

By sleswayball posted 11-16-2020 19:55


All you J-Netters are among the first to know that, on November 18, we’re evolving J-Net into something bigger and better:
The Juniper Elevate Community.

Months ago, we’d gathered your feedback on the community and found that in general, you wanted better navigation, a simpler design, more recognition, links to other social platforms, and a simplified registration process.

We listened and acted. Because that’s what communities do—share ideas and best practices.

So we’ve been busy behind the scenes developing an entirely new platform that not only addresses all your input, but also provides a more modern foundation for our new “one-stop-community-shop” for all things Juniper.

Let’s get you ready…

Pardon Our Dust While We Migrate 

During our Read-Only period from November 9-18, we migrated thousands of the top posts to the new site. Please note that J-Net has been archived. 

If you have a troubleshooting issue, please head to Juniper Support for assistance. And a reminder, our broad community is always available on Twitter for general advice and best practices so include @JuniperElevate in your questions! 

YES! Your Community Status Will Get a Lift

Don’t worry! If you have logged in to in the last 12 months, your profile will transition over to the new platform. You’ll just need to log in the first time, and we’ll tell you how on November 18.

Your ranks will also be preserved and elevated to a new system, and I think you’ll be pleased to hear that we’re also offering  badges you can earn. And I don’t want to give away any surprises, but let’s just say that competition will be fierce and fun.

Rank name



Can advance to next rank by contributing posts or gaining kudos or ”accepted solutions”

Rising Expert 

Can advance to next rank by contributing posts or gaining kudos or ”accepted solutions”

Leading Expert

Highest rank: Strive for this!


What’s New

Here’s a sneak peek at just some of the benefits you can gain with the new platform:

  • A larger community for generating ideas, yet opportunities to participate in targeted “circles” focused on important markets, technologies, and audiences
  • Easier ways to get answers to all your questions from ambassadors, experts, and other community members (and of course to share your own insight with others)
  • Even more educational activities like labs, training, and certifications
  • Easily navigable product and solution information, all complemented by person-to-person chats
  • A centralized platform dedicated to helping you raise your game through opportunities to ideate, grow, and build meaningful connections

I look forward to engaging with you on the upcoming Elevate Community. Please watch for announcements on November 18 and log in to explore the new site built around you and your needs.