Juniper Defy Impossible

When:  Dec 16, 2020 from 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM (PT)
Join Juniper Networks and Not Impossible for a life-changing awe-inspired event, showcasing innovative technology and bespoke programming to unite, reinvigorate, and evoke radical change within your own organization. We invite you to lean back from your screens and enjoy 5 short films that celebrate the crazy ones, the innovators, the people who see a problem and dive head-first into solving it.   We invite you to share these stories with your family and friends because everyone - young and old - needs a break and a reminder that there are incredible people living among us doing incredible things.    Because the problems of today are the sources of inspiration for the solutions of tomorrow and because we think YOU are just the people to create those solutions and take us powerfully into the future, we hope you will join us for this uplifting event.

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