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  • 1.  SRX345 Secure Connect SSL Certificate Issue

    Posted 01-20-2022 10:08

    Hi All

    I have a new problem I would like some assistance with if possible.

    I have been tasked with setting up the Juniper Secure Connect Which i have successfully done, VPN connections are working as expected.

    I even have Duo 2fa configured for added security using the Radius Auth Setup
    No Issues there

    Now to my Issue

    the company has a wildcard SSL certificate.
    Which I have imported into the Device Certificate (it was originally a pfx which I converted to pem)

    I have set this certificate as the devices https certificate in basic settings
    and have altered my SSL Termination in the VPN setup to use this certificate

    I am now encountering issues connecting to the VPN using the client
    I get an error message stating 

    Login: HTTPS request failed.   2002 - unable to get issuer certificate

    If i change back to the selfsigned SRX certificate my connection is successful 

    Can anyone please point me in the right direction or share the steps i have to take to get this working.

    Thanking you in advance


  • 2.  RE: SRX345 Secure Connect SSL Certificate Issue

    Posted 01-28-2022 09:31


  • 3.  RE: SRX345 Secure Connect SSL Certificate Issue

    Posted 04-06-2023 15:54


    Did you solve this?
    I am having the same issue at the moment.


  • 4.  RE: SRX345 Secure Connect SSL Certificate Issue

    Posted 08-01-2023 18:02

    Verify that the CA Certs are placed in the below pc's directory. If the certificate is not there, make sure to place it in that location.<o:p></o:p>

    • Windows - C:\ProgramData\Juniper\SecureConnect\cacerts\<o:p></o:p>
    • macOS - /Library/Application Support/Juniper/SecureConnect/cacerts/<o:p></o:p>
    • Android - /Juniper/Export<o:p></o:p>