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SRX Routing Issue Class C IP Block

  • 1.  SRX Routing Issue Class C IP Block

    Posted 08-21-2023 11:33
    I have an issue and hope there is a solution to this in my old Netscreen ISG2000 I have a full class C of IPs so I had my untrust interface set to xxx.182.158.1/24 and the gateway was poingin to my ISP upstream to route xxx.182.144.1 and it worked fine. 
    On my SRX if is don't change xxx.182.158.1/24 to xxx.182.158.1/16 no traffic will route out of the SRX.
    The issue is because I am using /16 for my outside interface which is not my network which and not my assigned Class C. I'm getting so much broadcast and junk that my firewall is having to contently deny and logging.